Picture Encryption Tool
Favourable Pre-Settings
Create a directory in your file system and place the picture file, that you want to encrypt, in this directory. For example, there is a picture named pic0001378.jpg that you want to encrypt.

Step 1. Create a directory F:\winter, for example.

Step 2. Copy pic0001378.jpg in to F:\winter

Step 3. Rename pic0001378.jpg to a user friendly name like an_evening.jpg

Step 4. Use main menu item Tools, sub-item Picture Encryption. Load an_evening.jpg in to PE Tool using Open button. 
Where to place picture pieces
Step 8. At the time of acceptance of encryption, all the pieces are configured to be placed in one sub-directory as mentioned in the Placement name. If the address is of internet then sub-directory name will be OnInternet.

Step 9. Placement of all pieces or a row of six pieces or any of the thirty six pieces can be achieved by selecting appropriate piece or pieces and changing the text written under the heading Placement. Don't forget to press "Enter" button to confirm the change.

Step 11. To verify that the picture pieces can be re-arranged, a user needs to place directories (with picture pieces) within their "Import Base Directory" OR "Import Base Directory" made to point towards the parent directory. In above example "Import Base Directory" may be F:\winter . Any files placed in OnInternet directory by PE Tool, must be placed at the internet address/es specified at the time of encrypted picture pieces being saved.
Step 12. Using context menu in the Shelf, import .ks file created by PE Tool. An Item will appear in the Shelf named "Encrypted Picture". Open this item in Study Place, select the image and use "Encrypted Picture" from context menu to initiate the process viewing encrypted picture. 
A dialog box named "Unscramble" will appear asking for keyword, copy and paste keyword from text file created for this image by EP Tool. Press OK and picture should be seen complete, NJB will collect the pieces from specified locations and arrange them according to the keyword specified in "Unscramble" dialog box.
To show encrypted picture to someone, a user needs to give them .ks file, local directory (if any) with any images included in it and above all the keyword to unscramble. Make sure to place picture pieces on the internet addresses from OnInternet directory if there is one.
What else ?
1. Keyword can be reused to scramble any other picture.
2. The pieces of picture on internet addresses can be replaced with the pieces of another picture of the same size and of the same name. If replaced picture is scrambled using original pictures unscramble keyword then this replacement picture can be unscrambled using the same keyword.
Step 5. Encrypt an_evening.jpg by pressing Encrypt button one or more time as desired.
Step 6. After achieving satisfactory encryption, change given name of sub-directory to the one that you like, it is under the heading of Placement. It can be an internet address, in this case address must start like http://www.notjustbrowsing.com/epm/examples/winter_evening

Step 7. Press Accept button to accept the encryption.

Step 10. Once satisfied with the placement of picture pieces, press Save button. All thiry six pieces will be placed in either named directories for each piece or if they are to be placed on the internet then OnInternet directory.

There will be a text file (named after the picture file) with detailed information, a .ks file (named at the time of Save) and specified directories with thirty six pieces of picture.

In above picture there are six pieces of picture missing. Next to Save button, there is a list of those addresses which failed to be accessed for any reason. In above case, these six pieces are ment to be on the internet but they are not.

Keyword of an encrypted picture is placed in the properties of this encrypted picture collection.

Properties of an encrypted picture can be viewed from the Study place.


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