Front Cover
A picture, 144 pixels wide and 89 pixels high, can be associated with each item in the Shelf. This picture or graphics is called Front Cover of the Shelf item.

There are two buttons next to the picture, one is to show/hide Shelf and the other is to open the item (front cover of which is shown along side) at its bookmark location.


1. Use Ctrl+Tab keys to switch between open collections in the Study Place.

2. When passing on exported .ks file then make sure to provide front cover image as well. If image is not selected then a default image will be used.

3. Always place imported front cover images in the sub directory "covers" of current application directory.

4. Front Cover image can be minimized or maximized by clicking left mouse button on the cover image.

5. Top few lines of the image can also be made distinct to distinguish the cover even when front cover image is minimized.


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