Browsing History Collection
Browsing history is collected for two different types of browsing.
1. Browsing by typing web page address in the address bar.
2. Browsing by following links from already loaded web pages in the browser.
To view collected history, select View|History from main menu. An icon named "History" will appear in the Shelf, as seen at the lowest part of the following picture. By double clicking left mouse button on this icon, history will be displayed in the Study Place. History will be presented in the batches of ten.
Now history can be browsed from Study Place exactly as any other stored web link.
Note: It may be a good practice to View and Move Out history at the closing time of the application.
Number of links in "Typed Visits" and "Linked Visits" is a configurable option, it can be configured by selecting Edit|Preferences (General Tab) from main menu.
View History


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