Users with connection speeds upto 64Kbits/sec.
Slow connection speeds does not mean that you can not take advantage of this software. The only handicap will be slow loading of pages in the multiple browsing section of the application.

On the other hand the advantage of having slow speed is that you can concentrate on developing good collections and designing layouts in the Study Place.

Advice: Most of the time use Single Browsing Space. Always start application with the StartUp option of "Open Favourite at bookmark", to take advantage of multiple browsing.
For example, by the time you will be finishing your morning cup of tea, all the newspapers (upto 10) will be open and ready for your quick reading.
Users with high speed connections (broadband in general).
Caution: Due to the high speed connection, you are bound to collect a lot of garbage in your Study Place. Make sure that whatever you keep in Study Place, keep notes or comments with them too.
Multiple Browsing is designed for viewing of multiple documents. The best use of these multiple browsers is to use them to construct a set of documents in an order that you want to see them in, later-on. For example, four documents (e-mail accounts) that you want to see in one row. A general browsing in multiple browsers is not useful and is not recommended but not prohibited.


The Only Third Generation Web Browser

(Version 1.0.10 - Twin Engine)
User Guide