There is nothing particular when you export some collection for your own use.
If you want to share some information (photos or other material) with someone else then make sure that if there is a reference to a locally stored item then you must supply that item too along with the ".ks" file that you exported for this purpose.
Caution: It will be a good practice to first store the items (that you want to export) in the nearest directory to the hard drive's root ( "c:\photos" and not "c:\temp\birthdays\mybirthday\photos").
In case if you do "c:\temp\birthdays\mybirthday\photos" then you have to pass on the whole directory structure (may it be empty though).

Caution: If you organize your work (desktop) by keeping local references in your collections then make sure not to re-locate the directories/files often, otherwise your collections will fail to produce right view. For example, if you have a collection with four references to the "temp" directories of your four hard drives. By renaming all "temp" to "tmp" your collection will become obsolete.

Move Out and Export are the same except that in Move Out a selected collection will be removed from the Shelf.


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