There is one cosideration for the Import procedure.
Import is straight forward if there is no local reference in any of the collections importing into Shelf. But there is no way a user would know before the import that there was a reference local to the person's storage who exported this file.

Let us understand this by an example.

A user has a directory "c:\photos" and in that directory there are four images "image1.jpg", "image2.jpg", "image3.jpg" and  "image4.jpg". This user create a Heading called "Birthday Photos" and after loading these photos into single browser window one by one user add them into collection "Birthday Photos". Reference to these photos will be like "C:\photos\image1.jpg","C:\photos\image2.jpg","C:\photos\image3.jpg" and "C:\photos\image4.jpg" respectively. After Binding this collection into Shelf and Export it with the name "BirthdayPhotos.ks". The user then send "BirthdayPhotos.ks" (with all the comments in it) and "photos" directory (with four image files in it) to his friend.

Now the recipient of the files ("BirthdayPhotos.ks" and directory "photos") create a new directory under "d" drive with a name "friend" ("d:\friend") and place "BirthdayPhotos.ks" and folder "photos" in it. This user then choose "d:\friend" as his "Import Base Directory" from Main Menu {Edit/Preferences/General}.

Now, from context menu in Shelf, the recipient user use Import and select file name "BirthdayPhotos.ks". On successful import an Icon named "Birthday Photos" will appear in the Shelf. By double clicking on this collection a Tab in Study Place will be opened. Now by selecting "Birthday Photos"  Heading and selecting "Go" the recipient user should be able to see all four photos.

Now if the recipient user will see properties of any of these photos, there will be a reference to "d:\friend\photos\image?.jpg" and not "C:\photos\image?.jpg".

Note: You may have noticed that "Help" files automatically load into the application. That is because of the fact that "Help" is exported and placed under the current application directory. Also note that "Current Working Directory" is "Import Base Directory" at the time of application start up.



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