To populate Study Place a user can create new entries (Heading, Sub Heading) and place documents (loaded before in the browsers) under those headings and sub headings.

Once the contents of an address is loaded into a browser, user  can drag the address from address bar and drop it in the Study Place. The address will be dropped just after a selected place in the Study area, this selected place could be a Heading, Sub Heading or a document. Note that when an address is dropped in to Study Place the actual title of the document will be displayed in the Study Place.

Drag can be from any of the browsers (single or one of the multiples).

Note: A user must access the web location first before you can drag and drop its reference in to Study Place.

Populating Study Place:
After loading a web page in to browser (single or one of the multiples). Press left mouse button in the "Location Box", while mouse button is pressed, move mouse pointer in to the Study Place. Releasing left mouse button will drop the location just after this       sign.


The Only Third Generation Web Browser

(Version 1.0.10 - Twin Engine)
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