Startup is as important as normal browsing. If "Open at Favourite Bookmark" option is checked then whatever favourite collection is in the start-up "KS" file, it will be opened in Study Place and if there is any bookmark in this favourite collection then it will be browsed automatically.

Note that this bookmark of favourite collection is recognized as       in NotJustBrowsing.

Also note that a favourite collection in the Shelf has a different coloured background.

Be careful in selecting the start-up KS file name. Make sure that it is a tried and tested file.
Initially "Import Base Directory" is the "Current Directory" of the application. Importing is discussed in "Import" section.
Browsing options include maximum number (10-100) of browsers for linear browsing. This limit will only apply for filmstrip (linear) browsing or "see through" browsing. This limit will not apply for normal openning of new browsing windows.


For multiple browsing, option to include all 10 browsing windows or exclude the ones not required for last multiple browsing operation.

Skin - Change the skin of the application by selecting from one of the 10 colour shades.


To match other parts of the application with the skin, use "Colour Scheme".


The Only Third Generation Web Browser

(Version 1.0.10 - Twin Engine)
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