Upon selection of context menu item Protect a dialog box (as seen in above picture) will appear. This dialog box is to set a password for the protection of the collection. By pressing OK button this password will be set for the selected collection in the Shelf.
When a collection is protected, it can not be ammended in any way. It can be seen only.
To ammend the contents of this collection a user needs to unprotect this collection first. To unprotect, select the Properties context menu item for this collection.
A dialog box will appear as shown in the following picture. Enter protection password for currently selected collection in the Shelf to unprotect.
Note 1: A Protection is represented by a "Lock"       icon on the left hand side of the collection icon.
Note 2: A protection remains with the collection until it is removed with the help of password.
Note 3: This protection is by no means a way to protect anything in the contents. It is there, only to let user know that the author of the collection does not want the contents of his/her efforts to be ammended.


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