The first thing is to have multiple browsers open. Multiple browsers can be opened by selecting a Heading or Sub Heading in the Study Place and selecting "Go" from the context menu.
Once multiple browsers are open then you can browse those locations that you want them into a collection. Use a choice of browsers for every document and see which order suits the contents. Once you are satisfied with the preview then note down the layout and size adjustments in the browser windows. Also note that if the documents are better seen with the browser control panel or not. Now create a new Heading or Sub Heading in the Study Place and drag and drop the addresses of these documents into Study Place. Make sure to keep them in order. Now select the Heading or Sub Heading and choose "Properties" from the context menu of the Study Place. In Properties dialog box, choose "Layout" tab and set the layout options that you want. Test and if necessary adjust the layout again. Don't forget to Save your Study Place after changes, this can be done by using Main Menu option of Save.
Note: Practice this on locally stored contents. Try to make a photo Album from your storage space.
Setting View Layout
Properties of Items in the Study Place can be adjusted by selecting "Properties" from the context menu. Those properties include Title, Bookmark, Layout of the collection and whether a panel is required or not at the display time.


The Only Third Generation Web Browser

(Version 1.0.10 - Twin Engine)
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