The default password for View Lock is "yes". The length of password for View Lock is max 3 characters. This password should be changed just after Startup, without saving it, for the greater protection.
Whatever this password is, it will be used to open the View Locked collections in the Shelf.
A user can choose to Lock View of any collection in the Shelf by choosing View Lock from the context menu of the Shelf. Once the view of a collection is locked, upon double clicking on this collection in the Shelf, a dialog box will appear asking for password. This should be the same password as the one set in {Preferences/General/View Lock password} to open the collection in the Study Place.
Note: A View Lock is represented by an "Eye" icon on the left hand side of the collection icon.
Note: A protected collection can also be View Locked. In this case the Icon will be of View Lock.
Note: A View Lock is valid only until the application is running. At application startup there will be no View Lock in place.
View Lock


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