Multiple Browsing : Step by Step
Step 3: Select a branch of links from Study Place 
Step 4: Select "Go" command from context menu
Step 5: Two more things
Step 2: Getting the required documents from www
Use single browser to browse through the internet. When you have a document loaded from the Internet in to single browser then drag the address of the document from address box in to the Study Place and drop it. See drag & drop operation in Study Place for detail.
Caution: Try not to gather more than ten documents under one sub heading or heading.
Step 1: Preparing Study Place
Create Headings or Sub Headings in the Study Place if they are not already there.
Select a Heading (     ), Sub Heading (     ) or a document (     ) under which a new document link need to be placed. Make sure that this sign (     ) is at desired location.
Select a heading or sub heading containing a number of documents to be browsed together.
By pressing right mouse button, you will see a context menu with one of the option "Go" (or Alt & 1 together ). By selecting "Go" or using keyboard alternative Alt  1, multiple browsing will start. You will see the progress of browsing in browsing progress indicator by the way of changing of colours.
1. If you see the sizes of multiple browsing windows too short or unsuitable for the contents then change the sizes of browsing windows for currently selected heading or sub heading.
2. If you feel that the layout of multiple browsing windows is not what is best to view the contents then change the layout of currently selected heading or sub heading.
After adjusting sizes and layout of browsing windows, repeat Step 3 until desired result is achieved.
To do the above two things, use Properties (or Ctrl+T) from context menu and select "Layout" tab.
1. After following above steps, multiple browsing windows will be visible and can be used to browse as single browser window.
2. If a bookmark is placed on a heading or sub heading of the favourite collection then during startup, multiple browsing windows will automatically be visible.


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