Protect:        On request for "Protect" a password dialog will appear. By entering a password (12 characters max.) you can protect this collection from being changed/edited.
Protection can be undone by choosing "Properties" of the protected collection and providing the correct password.
Lock View:       A selected collection can be view locked by selecting "Lock View". On double clicking on this item a password will be asked. This password is for all view locks and is resetable in {Edit/Preferences/General Tab}. All view locks will be canceled when application is closing.
Import/Export, Move Out:       Any selected collection in the "Shelf" can be exported or moved out. Any collection can be imported in to the "Shelf" as well. "Export" will make a separate copy of the collection and "Move Out" will make a copy as well as remove it from the "Shelf".
This is how browsing will be shared by users. 
Favourite:       One collection in "Shelf" is always "Favourite". Any collection can be selected to be your favourite.
If there is a bookmark in this favourite collection then this collection will be opened at its bookmark position at startup time.


The Only Third Generation Web Browser

(Version 1.0.10 - Twin Engine)
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