Drag & Drop: Populating Study Place
After loading a web page in to browser (single or one of the multiples). Press left mouse button in the "Location Box", while mouse button is pressed, move mouse pointer in to the Study Place. Releasing left mouse button will drop the location just after this       sign.
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Study Place
Edit - Copy, Paste & Delete
A heading (     ), sub heading (     ) or a document (     ) can be copied and pasted from one location to another within the Study Place.

During Copy & Paste operation you will notice colour changes. These colours can be adjusted using {Edit/Preferences} from Main Menu.

Presence of eye glass (     ) at the desired locations for Copy & Paste is vital to assure that the locations are what you want.

Bind / Bind As :
A selected heading / sub heading can be binded, to be placed in the Shelf.
As seen in the picture on the right hand side that "UK Universities" heading is selected.
After "Bind", this collection will be created in the Shelf.
If "Baind As" is used then different properties of the collection can be set at the time of binding.
By double_clicking on the "UK Universities" item in the Shelf, this collection will be displayed in a separate "Tab" in the Study Place.
After selection of a heading or a sub heading, "Go" command will start browsing process in multiple browsing windows. For the sake of objectivity, ten (10) browsing windows are supported.
If there are more than 10 documents under the heading or sub heading then first ten documents will be browsed automatically.
Browsing progress can also be seen by changing background colour of the downloaded page link.
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