Tailored Browsing   (version 1.0.9)

Step - 1: Creation

To Create a Tailored Page in Study Place, select New/Tailored Page from pop-up menu of the Study Place.

Step - 2: Populating

To populate a newly created empty Tailored Page in Study Place, select the page using mouse click and selecting "Properties" menu item from pop-up menu of the Study Place.

"Properties" window, which is "The Web Tailor" is to

Step - 3: Acceptable choice

Once a portion of a browsed web page is detected to be capable of syndication by "The Web Tailor", tick mark button will enabled and a "VSS" graphics will appear in the top left hand corner.

By pressing tick mark button, a user can accept this particular piece of web page into bottom left portion of The Web Tailor.


This place where the pieces of different web pages are collected is a Tailored Page.


Step - 4: Arrangement of newly collected pieces from web pages

Pieces collected from different web pages can be arranged/re-located/moved around easily.

Step - 5: Preview

Previewing a Tailored Page at the time of its creation is very important. By selecting "Preview" tab, all the pieces within Tailored Page will be accessed. If any piece from within designed Tailored Page is not visible, it means it is not accessible as a piece and is not meant for syndication. This could be due to the fact that that piece was dynamically created and the contents of this piece are not available separately.

Step - 6: Associating a Style Sheet to a Tailored Page

There are a few Cascade Style Sheets present in the sub-directory CSSs. A user may associate any of these style sheets to their Tailored Page. Changing in style sheet for a Tailored Page will be effective immediately. Changed style sheet will be loaded immediately in The Web Tailor and can be seen/edited by switching to the "Style" tab page.

Step - 7: Editing a Style Sheet

Any of the style sheets present in CSSs directory can be edited and saved from within The Web Tailor. Saved change in any style sheet will be reflected on Tailored Page it is associated with.


Step - 8: Exporting a Tailored Page

Users are encouraged to submit their Tailored Pages, made utilizing VSS tags. Best pages will be show cased in Poshaak Mahal (Clothing Palace).

If you see a VSS graphics, an HTML TAG (DIV, TABLE, OBJECT, IMG) and an id BUT only partial contents (or white space only) of the desired piece are visible than try to add this piece and check in Preview tab to confirm that this is the piece you are looking for.


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