What these terms mean ?
Favourite is not a link to a web page on the Internet.
Consider if you have a collection of books and one of them is your favourite
Among many of your personal items like Photo Album or an Audio CD or a Magazine there is one item that you like most, this item is refered as Favourite in this software.
Favourite is a word that is associated with one particular item in the Shelf.
This item has a different background than the other items in the Shelf.
Do not consider a Bookmark as a link to a web page.
Consider a Bookmark as in real life, a chosen entry point in a collection of any type (book, magazine etc.).
Home can not just be any chosen house (web page link).
A bookmark (in NotJustBrowsing terms) could practically be in all of your books (collections of links). But a bookmarked place in your Favourite item in the Shelf is your Home       .


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