Trouble Shooting
I see empty space when I press
Can not resize windows in multiple browsing area
There is/are no address bar/s
Web page links are not working Or Browsing do not work for some links
Caution: Multiple browsing windows can not be seen until they are activated by using "Go" command.
Resizing of multiple windows in multiple browsing area can only be done by setting Layout Properties. Layout changes are only effective on Headings or Sub Headings.
Revisit (using Go) to see the changed layout settings of a Heading or Sub Heading.
Address bar can be made available or disappear by pressing this button
If you think, control buttons are missing then visit this link.
Most probably popups are blocked and you will see blue indicator.
Allow popups by presseing Ctrl+D or from main menu "Tools|Allow Popups".
Trick :
Create many Headings and Sub Headings and change their default view Layout according to your choice. Keep these Headings and Sub Headings in a separate collection in Shelf. Copy & Paste any of these Headings or Sub Headings in to your working collection for new link storage purposes. This way you don't have to change layouts after storing links.
Paste operation in address box (version 1.0.5)
Use (Ctrl+V) to paste a previously copied address.


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(Version 1.0.10 - Twin Engine)
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