VSS - Very Simple Syndication (version 1.0.9)


Very Simple Syndication is a method of HTML contents syndication uniquely defined and exploited in this version of NotJustBrowsing.

Any element within an HTML document (web page) can be made available for syndication by keeping the value of its "id" parameter unchanged.


Supported Format:

<VSS src="http://www.notjustbrowsing.com/" id="X38659" top=54px left=63px width=460px height=60px >

Tag name:   VSS

Address of web page:   src="http://www.notjustbrowsing.com/index.htm"

ID of syndicated element:   id="X38659"

Placement in Tailored page: top=54px left=63px

Size of the element: width=460px height=60px



Creation of VSS Tags

A user may also use "The Web Tailor" as a stand alone tool from [Tools/The Web Tailor] main menu to collect pieces from web pages and use Export button to obtain the VSS tags of the collected pieces.


VSS tag in above mentioned format placed in any html document will be interpreted and acted upon by NotJustBrowsing. The action taken by NotJustBrowsing for this VSS tag will be to go to "src" location, fetch "id" element and place it on the location left/top in an html page that contains this (VSS) tag.


This tag (VSS) will enable users to start building their web sites based on the syndicated materials. With this functionality we are entering into collective efforts of web page designs or distributed web pages.


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